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Good auras start here and end in your home…


About Us

At Eternal Balance Candles we strive to bring you a candle that does more than just uplift your space. We carefully craft a candle that also challenges you to live each day intentionally and provides relaxation. Living intentionally means crafting your life in a way that gives purpose and meaning to the things you do each day. Additionally, you are working to give those things valuable space in your life to improve the quality and Eternal Balance Candles assists with that. The candles are artisan handmade with you in mind using 100% advanced soy wax, unique phthalate-free fragrance, and lead-free cotton wicks.


Here is what people have to say about their experience


Michelle Castor

(Owner: Agua y Sangre Healing)

“Eternal Balance Candles is the space where intentionality, spirituality, candle magic, and aromatherapy meet”


Brian Nwankwo-Smith

“If you like candles you HAVE to shop with Eternal Balance Candles! The candle is long lasting and smells great”


Meredith Bassett

“The scents I purchased made me feel relaxed and at ease. Highly recommend.”

"These candles find you!”

— Jess Sveen


Kimberlee Ward

Captured by Indigo Brown Owner of Photography by Indigo

About The Owner

When Kimberlee is not making candle’s she is hanging out with her friends, journaling, meditating and on her couch binge watching movies. Kimberlee, created Eternal Balance Candles as a way to provide people with a product that has the ability to naturally bring joy as it has done so for her. Knowing the challenges of every day stress, she wants people to know they are not alone. Additionally, Kimberlee wanted people to know they deserve to live their life the way they want and help them intentionally manifest good in their life. Kimberlee describes herself as resilient, calm, creative, ambitious, and quiet.